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She'll be Right Love; I sing Piaf!

G’day & Bonjour!

Bush ballads, budgie smugglers and baguettes bring song and comedy together in this hilarious cross-cultural Cabaret. Last year, we took our Aussie Cabaret show to France. Georgia sings like legendary French songstress, Edith Piaf, so it should’ve been a piece of cake right? Confident the French would love us, we headed off to France with our swags packed full of glitter and eyelashes, to perform in the greatest Festival of Theatre in the world.

Come on tour with us whacky women to experience the contrast of cultures, musical mash-ups, funny faux-pas and ….the embarrassing French maid incident. Blending Aussie bush ballads, well-known French songs and original music into a culturally comedic melange, this show has it all.


It’s time to tie your kangaroo down sport and slap some camembert on your damper. Grow a moustache (or draw one on), tilt your beret and rendezvous with us!


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