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Under the Paris Sky is a must-see show


Georgia Darcy and Louise Lawson return to Adelaide stages, accompanied by pianist Simon Walters, with their hit show “Under the Paris Sky” for Adelaide Fringe 2023. I had the luck to see the show at Adelaide Fringe a few years ago as well as a more recent preview rehearsal performance and I stand by my earlier review that it is a wonderful show that you must see!


Not the standard show of French chanson, Under the Paris Sky isn’t solely French chanson – there is comedy, impressive hand-made props and the hilarious character, Cécile, the French maid hired by Georgia who seems to be neither French, nor very good at cleaning! These ladies know how to entertain without cheapening the quality of the show.


Georgia is not only an incredible singer but she also explains through translations, explanations and gestures what the songs are about. This is important because there are many Francophiles who are not francophone. Understanding the subject matter of the songs renders them even more beautiful and interesting.

Far from being a typical show only showcasing the French songs we know and have heard performed often, Georgia also introduces us to contemporary artist Zaz who features throughout the show. Yes, you will still get to hear your favourites – after all you can’t have a French show without Piaf!  


Under the Paris Sky takes us to the sea with Trenet’s La Mer, on a road trip with Le long de la Route and to Montmartre with the haunting Dans ma rue. Brel’s Carousel (La Valse à Mille Temps) is unlike any other you have witnessed. French maid Cécile entertains the crowd during and between songs with her antics.  There are amusing characters, original props used in unique ways, and exceptionally good performance of French chanson.


Under the Paris Sky is a delight and a show you absolutely must see whenever it is on near you. A show of French chanson like no other. Make sure you go to see it at Adelaide Fringe Festival in Feb 2023.



Matilda Marseillaise


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