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a bit about me........

I am one Perspective of the Source Energy  of Creation ,looking back on itself with wonder, fascination, appreciation. I am most alive on the stage; from there the Energy that creates worlds flows through me, to my guests and back again; the power of this cycle grows and every time it is new and uplifting. Life is meant to be joyous, fun and sexual; that is my Cabaret.

Cabaret is what I do. It wasn't always. I've been stuck in the rat race, doing stuff other people thought I should do. Now I tell my stories, give my heart, my wit, my mind in music and song, and dance that is often sassy and sometimes rude(~ish). I dress up BIG time; the sparkles are threatening to blind me, am I man or woman with such cleavage suspended above black and white spats?...then there's the lashes, the mustaches, the hats and wigs....I'm a glitzy op shop on stearoids.


Cabaret is my way of bringing light into the world. Light brings in love and kindness and appreciation. No darkness can prevail in such.

I would love you to come and play with us. Come and be a part of something unique that we create together, just by being there and being open to whatever happens.

xx Georgia.

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