Georgia with a G (a 60 min Cabaret show)

Think Liza Minnelli meets Edith Piaf in a gay bar. At age 7 Georgia knew who she really was; at 47 she remembered! Georgia with a G stars Cabaret artist Georgia Darcy, escaped from the rat race and now dazzling audiences with her sparkle, her energy and the achingly-beautiful moments she brings to the Cabaret stage.


This show is a candid exposé of bits of her life that hang together like a garland of jewels. As well as moving to tears, it has side-splittingly funny oddball characters, a French maid (my wife Louise) whose antics are slapstickingly hilarious......and quite a few rude bits! Throw in a chair fetish, a section of out-of-control suction and powerful soaring songs; this is riotous and fun-loving Cabaret.

What good is sitting all alone in your room when you can come and smell La Vie en Rose?  Come and play with us, rediscover who YOU really are and redefine your relationship with ….umm………furniture.

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