Under the Paris Sky – a show not to miss this  Adelaide Fringe – there’s only one left

23 February 2019Matilda Marseillaise

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On Friday night, in a place called The Girls’ Place in Thebarton, we were spoiled by a truly wonderful show:  Under the Paris Sky.

There is Georgia Darcy, who has an incredible voice and presence on stage. She sings all of the songs in the show, which go from Bref to Piaf and to Zaz,.....There is also Simon Walters who plays the keyboard wonderfully. And then there is Louise, who is in real life, Georgia’s wife. In this show, she plays Cécile, thé French maid who doesn’t clean a lot but who steals Georgia’s jewellery, boots and later, car.....

Georgia is not only an incredible singer but she also explains through translations, explanations and gestures what the songs are about. This is important because there are many francophiles who are not francophone. Understanding the subject matter of the songs renders them even more beautiful and interesting.....

Georgia has a way of explaining things that is a little philosophical. A cabaret with philosophy is a rare but beautiful thing.....What Cécile has created for La Mer is hilarious. the song (Carousel) speaks about the carousel of life. I really had the impression I was on a carousel and even felt a bit giddy it was so well done.....

If you’re going to sing Piaf, you should do it well. Many try to sing Piaf but few do it justice. Thankfully, Georgia knows not only how to sing in French but she sings Piaf in such a way that we could think we were listening to Piaf herself.  Her way of rolling her Rs like Piaf is impressive. Something very difficult for an anglophone to do. Her version of “La Vie en rose” almost brought tears to my eyes, it was so well done......

Georgia is ethereal in Under the Paris Sky. You cannot ignore her stage presence. Our eyes were fixed on her throughout the show. We could have listened to her for hours (and with an album being released soon, we are happy to know we will be able to!) The one hour of the show is too short. Her voice is hypnotizing, the show resplendent. Even if we have only just finished week one  of the Adelaide Fringe, we can easily say this will be one of our favourite shows of the Adelaide Fringe. It will also remain one of the best French cabaret shows I’ve seen in Adelaide. A must see! 


Matilda Marseillaise was a guest of Adelaide Fringe

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